Seven Smart Reasons to Eat an Apple a Day

Seven Smart Reasons to Eat an Apple a Day Ordinary everyday apples supply dozens of important phytochemicals (plant nutrients) including the ocular and anti-allergy flavonoid quercetin, plus more potassium than fresh oranges. That’s not all.
  1. Did you know that eating an apple a day is the same as taking a megadose of natural vitamin C in terms of antioxidants and flavonoids? Apple, in fact, s rank sixteenth on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) values chart, a ranking that reflects a fruit's antioxidant density--or the food's capacity to destroy or subdue free radicals in your body and block oxidative damage to cells.
  2. Apples are even more "fruitful" if you eat the peel, which contains triterpenoids--compounds that have anticancer activity, according to Cornell University researchers. Triterpenoids appear to halt the growth of cancer cells, especially breast, colon, and liver.
  3. Apple flavonoids like quercetin are also responsible for keeping neurotransmitters in the brain healthy and protecting the brain against Alzheimer's and dementia.
  4. A Granny Smith or Gala a day also helps you satisfy your daily requirement for water. One medium apple is roughly 84 percent water and supplies about 4 ounces of hydrating vitamin-rich water.
  5. Better yet, apples are "negative calorie" foods (along with watermelon, berries, and zucchini). This means that at 80 calories per average fruit, they burn more calories than they add and provide a lot of don't-need-a-second-helping satiety.
  6. Top Fruit Food for Fiber. Every part of any apple is good medicine. Apples rank as one of the top fifteen fruits and vegetables, providing four kinds of fiber including the fiber called pectin which helps the body's hormone disposal system work more efficiently, stabilizing blood pressure.
  7. Apples cleanse and rejuvenate the intestinal tract (for super cleansing, juice your apple with some parsley) and provide 3 grams of fiber (as much as a slice of whole-grain bread) to help prevent constipation and encourage a healthy bowel environment.
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